5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners (for Long Term Success)


Hey there guys and gals, in this video I’llfocus specifically on 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners that I believe would makea significant impact on your business because when people start with affiliate marketingthey struggle for months.

And the reason for this is because they don’tfocus on the right things.

And I believe the right things to focus onare these 5 tips, so I think you’ll love what I’ll teach you right here.

So before I go with tip number 1 let me sharewith you that I’ve been in this industry for a while and 3 years ago, I think, I wasan affiliate for this online marketing company and I was promoting their products and I,in fact, became number 2 affiliate out of 30 000 active affiliates, so I am extremelyhumble and blessed to say this today, but even since then we’ve been working witha lot of affiliates promoting our products of our companies.

So I know a thing or two about affiliate marketing,and I just want to teach you so that you don’t make the same mistakes that we see peopledo every single day.

Alrighty? So let’s start with tip number 1.

Now, tip number 1 is a lot of people focuson the specific affiliate offer and they don’t focus on building their channel.

So tip number 1 is: “Instead of focusingon the affiliate offer, focus on building your three channels.

” What do I mean by this? For example, you see a lot of people online,teaching: “Hey, you can make money online, you should promote this company and you’llbecome a millionaire.

” Or whatever the case is, right? So, a lot of people kind of see this and theysay: “OK, this company is really good, this product is really good, I’ll start promotingthis and I’ll make a lot of money, just because the product is really good, peoplewant to buy it.

” You see? But it doesn’t work like this because peopleare going to buy from you if they like you, if they trust you and if you help them.

You see? They like you, if they trust you and if youhelp them.

So, in order to do this, it doesn’t happenby just promoting products and services; what you have to do is you have to build your channels.

You have to build your YouTube channel, youhave to build your website blog and you have to build you Facebook page because by doingthese you’re building a real business.

See, if you just go and promote, but you don’tbuild these channels people are not going to like you, people are not going to trust youand you don’t help people because you don’t create any content for them, you don’t givethem any value.

So, you’re kind of like the door to doorsalesman – you constantly knock on doors and you say: “Buy this, buy this, buy this!”but no one trusts you because you don’t have your own channel, you don’t have yourown store, which is a psychical store.

So that’s why you want to choose one atfirst.

What are you going to choose – are you choosingyour YouTube channel, are you choosing your website blog or are you choosing to buildyour Facebook page? So that you can start building this real businessinstead of just promoting and instead of just selling, ok? Now, tip number 2 is: “You have to knowyour audience.

” For example, let’s take Global Expert Space.

So let’s say in Global Expert Space we teachpeople which are Coaches, Online Marketers, Network Marketers, Trainers, Speakers, Educators– whatever the case is, how to position themselves, how to package their knowledgeand how to market strategically, right? And then we say: “OK, so we’re going tobuild our channels, we’re going to build out YouTube channel, we’re going to buildour website blog and we’re going to build our Facebook page.

” Now the next step for you is you have to understandpretty much who are the people in your audience; you have to understand: “So who am I serving?” How are you going to sell something, an affiliateproduct to someone, if you don’t know what they need, what they want so that you canoffer it? You see? You’re kind of like a doctor – when someonegoes to the doctor office, what does the doctor do? The doctor checks the person and they say:“Ha, you know, I look at you and I think that you have these symptoms, so I am goingto prescribe this medicine.

” So you’re kind of the same way – if youknow your customers that you’re serving, if you know the people that are visiting yourchannels – remember because you build these channels, you grow these channels, so peopleare visiting these channels, right? And then you can say: “OK, because I knowmy audience because I know my patients, I know what to prescribe.

I know what affiliate offers to prescribeto these people that are coming to my channels.

” Do you start to understand how you build areal business? Now, this is the difference between the topmulti-millionaire affiliates that you see on the Internet versus the people who arejust spamming over the Internet.

The people who are just spamming over theInternet – they don’t have their own website, they don’t have their own YouTube channeland they don’t have their own Facebook page.

And because they don’t have these peopledon’t like them, they don’t trust them and people don’t get any value from them.

But you’re going to have your channels andyou’re going to know your audience.

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You see? Number 3 is: “You want to start buildingyour email list.

” Your email list.

You see, when you have these channels, youhave the YouTube channel, you have the website and you have the Facebook page you start collectingpeople’s emails.

And when you collect people’s emails youstart communicating with them and this is Tip number 4.

You start communication with these people,every single week, because when you communicate with these people every single week, you builda relationship with them.

And the better the relationship with the peoplein your list, in your email list and the more people you have in your channels, then themore people are likely to buy your affiliate offers.

And only then we go to promoting multipleaffiliate offers, promoting multiple affiliate links and offers, but that complement oneanother.

You see what I mean? Let’s say, for example, you are a graphicdesigner and you say: “OK, I want to make affiliate marketing.

” Now, your best bet instead of going on theInternet and say how to make money online, right, and start promoting whatever – createa blog, create a website and maybe you can teach in this blog different types of contentthat is helping your audience that you know.

And then you build a list and you communicatewith these people, and then you send them affiliate offers every single week or everysingle month, you send them these affiliate offers, that you think are going to help yourpotential customers.

Do you understand what I mean? Just like a doctor, you kind of look at thepeople, you see what they’re commenting, you see on the Internet what are they searching,so you say: “OK, now I see that you’re someone who is interested in graphic design,well how about you sign up for Photoshop?” OK, and you give them your affiliate linkfor Photoshop and they click on the affiliate link for Photoshop and you get a commission.

Because this is what affiliate marketing is,right? You promote products and services and youget a commission.

Then next week you say: “Hey, I know lastweek, I told you to buy Photoshop; I think it’s a great deal.

Now this week, I, what I think is a greatdeal this week, I think it’s better if you continue your education and you buy this courseon graphic design.

”And of course, this again would be an affiliate offer maybe and theyyou’ll make another commission.

And then three weeks later, you promote anotherproduct and you see – you don’t just promote the same offer like a lot of people do.

They say: “OK, I am promoting this offer;you can make a lot of money online with this specific company.

”And they promote the samething.

It doesn’t work like that? You build the audience; you build the channels,just like with this video, right? I create a video 5 Affiliate Marketing Tipsfor Beginners because we’re serving people in the affiliate marketing space and I wantto teach you how to position yourself, how to package your knowledge and how to market,how to promote strategically, you see? So, you’re right now on our channel andthen in the future if I think: “OK, now because I know what your problem is, maybeI can promote this product to you and then get a commission.

” You see what I mean? So the whole point is to build your channels,to understand your customers, so then you can prescribe them the specific affiliateoffers.

And then in the long-term you’re going tobuild a real business, you’re not going be like the other people who are just promotingand then one year after they have nothing to show for it.

You know what I mean? After a year, you want to have a businessbuild up, after a year you want to have your channels build up.

And then – right now, you’re probablyasking: “But, Peter, how to I build my website? How do I build my YouTube channel? How do I build my Facebook page?” Well, you want to start with one – the oneyou feel most comfortable with.

Maybe you feel most comfortable with yourwebsite, maybe you feel most comfortable with your YouTube channel and then you’re goingto start with one.

If I have to choose, I would choose the websiteor the YouTube channel, because Facebook is constantly changing their algorithms and it’sgoing to be really difficult to reach your own audience.

So these are the 5 tips, I hope you likedthem.

Let me know in the comments below, did youlike this content that I just taught you? What do you think about it? Do you agree and do you see a lot of peoplemaking these mistakes online – just spamming people and not building their own channels? How do you feel about building your own channel? So like this video, subscribe, we teach alot of things like this, so I think we can teach you anything that you need here in GlobalExpert Space to succeed in your business, so I hope to see you in the next video.

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