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Welcome to Harsha Reviews In today's video you will learn how to stayfocused and avoid distraction So this video is meant for people lookingfor So setting goals for work performance or setting goals in life, setting goals motivation,setting goals for students.

After watching this complete video you willget idea how Achieve Any Goal Are YOU Focused or Distracted?? Learn how to achieve your goal by being focusedand not distracted Please watch FULL video BECAUSE I want tothis video to help all those who want achieve their Goals whether Your goal is Big or Small! I read many books that discuss on Setting Goals in life Thinking Big Power of Subconscious Mind Autosuggestions Great Biographies Big Achievers Yes those books helped me to set goals & getinspired BUT still days passed Months passed I could not go closer to my goals Kept on thinking what is lacking I went deep to understand what is really lackingin me? Was it effort? No I put real effort Is it lack Knowledge? No I upgrade almost every day in my field Is it that I am not choosing right time? No work early morning or late night wheneverI get new ideas So What is Really Stopping Me To Achieve MyGoal? Kept questioning myself I started getting the answer BECAUSE I was doing many things in my daily life sayfor example driving my vehicle(With minimum speed of 50kms per hour) Workouts(running, lifting weights, bending,stretching) Cooking(Preparing Lunch, Breakfast & coffee,tea) And many such things which YOU would alsobe doing So what could happen If I am Distracted While driving my vehicle(Accident and possibleminor or major injury) Workouts (Injury that could be minor or major) Cooking(tasteless and bad quality of foodthat I will not eat) Anything that I was distracted would meanno quality losing my time and energy without results… Yes Finally I got Answer I was DISTRACTED Because I was blessed with latest inventions,tech, gadgets that has made my life easy.

BUT This is also distracting from achieving mygoals.

YES I knew it but was not willing to workon it WHAT DISTRACTED ME Checking emails very frequently Answering all calls on my phone whether itis important or not Checking messages on apps and replying themevery 10-15 minutes I will start working on your new ideas butend watching YouTube videos (which is result of another person without distraction) HOW DID I WORK ON DISTRACTION Stopped checking emails very frequently Stopped answering all calls on my phone whenI was working on my ideas Stopped checking my messages (apps) for messagesevery 10-15 minutes (put my smartphone on silent mode) First collect necessary details from onlinearticles & videos then sit on working on my project HOW CAN YOU STOP GETTING DISTRACTED Set timings in a day that you will sit withoutdistraction to work on your ideas and STRICTLY stop doing things that is of less importancein your life Don’t Let your Ideas to disappear in thinair before it becomes live NOW is the time stop getting distracted andkeep focused on what you are doing Because Our Mind is very powerful and we have an purposein this world to achieve our dreams, help the people with out knowledge and service Hope you enjoyed this video and can sharethis video to help for those looking for The Best Motivation Video.

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