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law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want you know any success program that I've ever had the good fortune to go through whether it be a good book a good set of tapes a good seminar almost every single one talks about the power of goal-setting why because it's a fundamental key to all lifelong success plans you could possibly imagine the challenge of course is we hear it so often we tend to take it just a little bit for granted only when you get yourself in the point we've heard so often you go on please don't talk about goal setting and I know all about it yes I should make sure my goals are stated in the positive yes I should write them down yeah i know all that stuff come on but you know what you got to be careful not to get caught in that trap called the law familiarity you know where you get so used to it you begin to take it just a little bit for granted because fundamentals have to be practiced daily hey think about the greatest coaches that you can think of and sports history names that come up for me our names like Vince Lombardi for example or John Wood what was then known most for teaching fundamentals to people that already the best at what they do I mean think about John would take a basketball player a kid was the best in the world at what he does virtually at least for his age group and you can make a shot from virtually anywhere you go that's really cute kid get over here and I want you to shoot 400 free throws and guess I can do that is if you have let's see you do it or come up here and I want to shoot 500 Bank shots from five feet "law of attraction" attract manifest create success well I can do that the game would say goes yeah I know you can do it you're going to do it everyday this many times so that you do it in the key clutch moments you gotta practice fundamentals every day he went 11 consecutive national championships unlike any team in history that's the power of fundamentals so anytime I do a workshop anytime I trying to tapes usually I put a goal-setting workshop in there and some of them have some similarities if you've done with me before he has a chance to do it again and do it even more effectively invariably when I hear people say something like all teach me something no I know they aren't into mastering because repetition again as the mother of skill you've heard me say that over and over again is because if you want to master anything you've got to do it over and over and over again every time i do a bull city workshop myself I obviously make new distinctions i set up some new goals they change so don't take it for granted and say well these two tapes our own goals and their shortener simple and I can do that some other time already know my goals don't get caught in that hook the bottom line is do the exercises if you're setting goals brand new and fresh and for most people they don't have a clearly defined set of goals anyway again you know I'm now taking Taekwondo and I have a good fortune of training with the Grand Master of taekwondo in the United States his name is Grand Master jewelry interesting thing about jewelry as a master as you taught me something he taught me to go from the frame of mastering simple things over and over again everything he teaches to become a black belt breaks down to seven simple moves law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want isn't that interesting now what's interesting is that most people never make it to black belt because they keep coming and say show me something is enough you have to master the fundamentals and if you do those you do them over and over again you'll be a black belt easily and consistently so don't get caught in those traps break through the bonds of your past and look at the world in a whole new way where you understand fundamentals must be practiced daily and you'll do whatever it takes you're not bored by fundamentals you get excited about doing the daily things that creep ongoing level of happiness and joy you want for a lifetime now let's take a quick look what is the power of goals why do we talk about him so much why do we will need to use them why are they important answer with goals we create the future in advance we create our destiny we shape our lives hey we all have goals whether we know it or not the problem is some people have really lousy goals and whatever your goals are they're affecting you maybe your goals are to get through this day maybe the goals are how to paint a lousy builds the problem with goals like that is they don't exactly inspire you and get you to jump out of bed early in the morning I can't wait to go out today and pay my lousy bills rarely does that really create emotion and drive inside of you goals can create the power to make us grow and expand and develop our success but we've got to have something out there that's compelling enough two drawers fourth done properly and specifically they transform our lives one of my best favorite examples is a study that was done in 1953 at Yale University what they did there was an intensive study where they interviewed the graduating class just before they law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want left school and they have the most series of questions but the one that was most interesting for me was they asked them how many of you have a clear specific set of goals with a written plan for their achievement well interestingly enough as you might guess less than three percent how to setup a written goals with the bland 20 years later in 1973 they went back and interview the surviving class members of the class of 53 and they interview these people to find out what were their lives like well the interesting thing was the three percent that had written goals that specifically on a plan for their attainment appear to be happier more well-adjusted more excited about their life as a whole but to those things are subjective the one thing that's very measurable is this the group of people who had written goals were worth more in financial terms than the entire other ninety-seven percent that didn't have goals combined think about that that's the power of goal-setting i can tell you in my own life is transforming that you can know all the techniques of how to condition yourself to succeed but if you don't know why you're doing it you don't know what is your moving towards then it's rare that you're going to get the most out of yourself years ago I had the unique good fortune as I began to study some of these technologies for optimum performance i was invited to go to Russia and i spent over there are approximately two weeks during that time I got a chance to explore many aspects of Russia I got to go to the university's got the chance to meet with some of the people who are involved in optimum performance technologies and in the process of doing that i found myself on one stretch where I was on the trans-siberian railway was going literally from Moscow all the way to Siberia and then back the Leningrad again we're talking about a large stretch of land a lot of time to just law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want think during that time I was just starting to develop somewhat personal power I really hadn't created my life the way I wanted it but I felt like there was some possibilities out there for me i was still living in my form a square foot bachelor apartment i was still overweight i was still in a position where I really didn't have my life where I wanted it in terms of my relationships but on that trip for two and a half days all I did was set goals and then for another two or three days all I did was designed plans and how is going to achieve them and I set goals that were well beyond my present ability or skill i had no idea how I was going to make them happen and that's important but I operated from a principle that's talked about and every religion known to man so regardless of what you believe religiously or spiritually it's a common law and that is the power of absolute total belief and faith I operating from the frame that if i could get inspired enough if I found a goal that was exciting enough for me i would figure out how to make it happen even though it right now it might seem impossible i would pull it off and I laid out goals for my life in virtually every area personally emotionally socially spiritually physically financially and I chunk down what I want my life ultimately and what I want right now and a lot of areas i thought well i can make it happen i figured i can get control of my emotions and so I set goals about how I wanted to be I want to communicate how much joy I want to have how much passion how I want to live every single day the kind of person I wanted to be as a human being i described my relationships I law of attraction create attract manifest success describe the woman of my dreams in detail it took six pages to describe exactly the kind of person mentally emotionally socially and spiritually I wanted my life and physically described in detail in addition to describe how I wanted my kids to be described everything that you might settle gosh you know you're really creating a lot of limitations I set goals and I look at them and I review them see if they still make sense to me but i did it in detail i also do it in the area finances and I said some pretty absurd goals i decided i want to make a call quarter of a million dollars you in personal income at the time i was making less than three thousand dollars a month 3000 was a good month guess what happened i came back i laid out this plan fact I did the plan on the back of a map that i bought in Russia have it to this day where I broke down the whole thing I show it oftentimes the people my seminars they get an idea where I was and what I actually created just by designing the roadmaps necessary for success i came back and began to implement a lot of my plans I have to tell you did not work out but I achieved over eighty percent of my goals in less than 12 months I mean massive change i went well beyond anything I dreamed of i change myself physically i lost all the way I changed myself emotionally and develop the confidence that was necessary i change myself and my relationships massively i attracted the one my dreams I married her about a year after that i have decided i wanted to have four kids I got three instantly what a deal i was on a roll I took myself from totally broke financially to over a million dollar network and less than 12 months you talk law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want about massive change my life changing every level i mean i can tell you how much my confidence change but you know you might go big deal but it did my level of confidence my level faith my ability to create report change radically I mean I also set thing goals besides my personal development goals because I felt confident that I could probably accomplish some of the development within myself but I felt like I can control that I can't control the outside world or my economics or the ability to get things that was my hang-up at the time I set goals for things like I was gonna have a limousine a stretch limousine and how absurd i had a car that was breaking down continuously at a stretch limousine within six months i mean i'm talking about massive massive change let me you can imagine the kind of miracles that happen I know this sounds fluffy and bizarre but it really works I remember what first time I went to Fiji is my favorite place in the world I thought you know I've been everywhere i'm going to meet most major countries in the world this is the most beautiful amazing land I've ever been to you know I got to own a piece of property on this specific Island you know I never would have thought in a million years a two years later after saying that goal I don't Island you know what that only resort anomalies just want to talk through resort in Fiji now go there four times a year with 20 of my best friends and we all have a blast and we set our goals there we look at our lives and balance and have fun I mean it's amazing but there's just if you try to tell me that two years earlier I would've said you are absolutely in saying you're nuts there's just no way I mean you'll get real i'm here to tell you don't get real for get intelligence because what's real to today is based on your past based on law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want your past experiences if you limit your future based on your passion i can go anywhere you gotta get the goals that are big enough to drive you to excite you so don't stop and go how do i do it that's not the first step the first step is get it down and if you do that you can create your island your paradise whether it be something emotional inside of you you want to create like a character changer or a behavior habit or whether that's a business you want to start with some kind of money you want to earn or something you want to do for your children and I'm telling you it can happen the magic that you've heard about and dream about is wheel and it starts with a simplistic process of taking these generalized impulses of desire is starting to define them with more precision this is the power of goal setting and we don't understand totally how it works there's something beyond just what we understand of writing something down something happens you become a creator when you write down bowls and you get clear as to absolutely while you make them happen and by the way that's the key that we're going to touch on here in detail we've got to make sure that you not only set goals but you get absolutely clear why you want them because there's a fundamental key the goal setting that changed my life and that is this purpose is stronger than outcome what do i mean well i think that the purpose of goals is not so you get things the purpose of any goal the real reason to set goals is what they will make of you as a person Hey look at the end of your life all the things that you accumulate are not going to make you happy at the end of your life all you're gonna have is who you've become as a person the moment you create your life that you'll never forget so some people like they got to set goals and they do it blindly they say these are all things i want to have in my life and they focus let's say on things and there's nothing wrong with focusing on things i want to have as many things as you want that's part of life too that's part of the manifestation process of creating results but if all you do is focus on getting things it may cost you some "law of attraction" attract manifest create success people in their desire to get things have given up their own integrity of who they want to be of what they want to create in their life you got to be careful of that you've got to make sure when you set a goal you know why you're doing it hey you might work real hard for example do something I think oriented let's say you want to make a million dollars but see a million dollars only motivate you so much becoming the kind of person who is able to manifest total abundance financially and physically for themselves and the people around them that's rather exciting having the freedom do you think the money will give you or having the ability to give or having the ability to do things that you think that money will give you are having more time that will motivate a lot more than just the money does that make sense the problem with setting goals is one most people take them for granted they don't do it seriously and they don't do it consistently they do it once a year and they do it in New Year's they run the New Year's syndrome may set a goal and they don't even look at it to all year later Michael oops I kind of screwed up and he's got a new one so you have no power secondly they don't realize the power of goals they take it lightly you know they go well you know yeah i got these goals but they don't make sure that they get inside their head where it's absolutely real for them they don't realize that when they set a goal there now creating something in life and finally the biggest challenge I think is that these people don't know why they're going for their goals so the object the goal itself and again through the s for a while then it dies out again why is different for everyone but you've got to find out the reasons I believe this reasons come first answers come second if you get a big enough reasons to do something to accomplish something you can figure out how to do it but if all you do is set up a gold so all gosh I'm going about it you're not going to be inspired enough it's not going to be compelling enough for you to really create long-term results every great success i know has figure out the why law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want behind their goals and that's their power somebody was pointed out to me a long time ago the desire in its Latin for means of the Father desire I thought that's interesting in other words anything that I desire that thought process has been given to me and with the ability to have a goal I believe instantly comes the ability to achieve it that ability is built within us or we wouldn't have the desire in the first place so come from that place and watch what you can do to create a new reality of success in your life now I've got a question for you do you know why goals really work well there are lots of theories but i'll tell you what a few of mine are number one I believe that thoughts are things that whenever we focus on consistently we experience in our life you and I know that's true when we talked about earlier in this tape if i pay attention to one area of my life and I focus on it that's what's going to be real for me that's what I'm gonna feel I also believe that where we focus on consistently that our thoughts are things that as you think so you create so you manifest so part of goal-setting it's just by having that focus and again having a consistent focus you can't just set goals one time and never look at them again and really expect long-term results although hey that's better than not having any target at all least your subconscious mind knows the general direction to move in but the power is doing it consistently reviewing them but point number one is I really believe that if you focus on something you'll experience it secondly when you set a goal there's an interesting dynamic that happens and that is when you set a goal basically you're acknowledging to both your conscious and subconscious minds to where you are right now is not where you want to be which is you begin to notice the distinctions between where you want to be and where you are and as you feel that distinction your brain becomes dissatisfied and part of what motivates human action is a sense of dissatisfaction I mean hey when you're totally comfortable and relaxed feeling pleasure you're not super motivated to do whatever it takes to make things happen generally as a generalization however when we get this satisfied thats we got some real power back I tell most people my form the biggest traps that most law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want people fall into is called success for a lot of people success as a trap because what happens is when you get successful oftentimes they tend the party when they fail they tend to ponder and our that pondering sometimes that make some new distinctions dissatisfaction is a power that you want to take advantage of not something for you to try and hide yourself out from there is real power and find some things you want to move away from because look pressure is what creates human behavior pressure and tension our primary drivers of our actions I mean think about it on a ridiculously simple level what makes you want to eat is not a certain level pressure or tension what is it makes you want to eliminate during the day pressure or tension you buy it makes you want to get up and take that action what makes you want to make love and be with somebody there's a certain amount of pressure that creates that feeling learning to manage pressure and tension in your life is probably one of the basic fundamental essence we all must master if we really want to have a balanced life we really feel happy and successful but learning to use pressure and goal setting is absolutely critical with literally no pressure to go for it we have no motivation and so a certain amount of pressure is generated when you clearly define what do you want and you see that you aren't there it creates a gestalt your brain says hey I want that i'm not satisfied where I am and you begin to have that drive don't hide out from it welcome it look at it every single day pressure isn't necessarily negative it can be very positive again if you look at it as a tool for influencing yourself to take consistent action towards your success you almost a metaphor don't you I mean pressures are diamonds are created they're just rocks a gun under intense pressure and now that turned into a gym you need to use that same metaphor for yourself and use goals as a way of pressure yourself because I know a lot of people when they think about goal setting as well you don't like commit to law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want somebody else about this thing because then I'll feel all this pressure that's great that is fabulous that means you're not gonna back out I mean hey when I decided the year ago I was going to work out every single day is going to exercise I realize the best way to make sure I kept that commitment was number 1 understand why was doing not just an exercise to exercise sighs and I realize in order to accomplish the level of goals that I have in my life I need abundance of physical energy vibrancy so I have something to communicate with so is something that can drive me without that I've been up running out of emotional gasps one continually driving up this mountain called success so I don't want to float down running out of fuel and I decided I'm gonna keep that up every day and being physically violent requires a certain level exercise so I understood why and I linked it to having better relationships I linked it to having more energy for my kids I linked it to how it feel emotionally I linked it to my level of physical vibrancy I linked it to my business success i linked it to my ability to contribute to others we had a lot of motivation going on there but in addition but i also did is I use pressure and I went around on several of my programs specifically on what I do for business people especially called the power to influence one for salespeople on that program i made it really clear that the only way to succeed with demand more from yourself and other people would expect and that i have decided and would absolutely exercise every day of this year i might reevaluate the future but i do it this year and I've kept it and I'm telling it to you do i have to commit even more I don't have a way to turn back to you follow me use pressure to your advantage use committing to certain people to your advantage people that will not let you off the hook that's part of the why sometimes you don't feel like doing any more the only why is hey because i don't want to not keep my word that's okay whatever it takes to get you to follow through and create results so this tape today is designed for primarily only one purpose and that is to get you clear on the law of attraction attract create manifest power of goal-setting what it can do to change you and the critical element to success and goals and that is creating a strong enough why and enough pressure to follow through one of the ways we can create a strong enough why by the way is not just to write down the positive wise in other words gosh i want this goal because it will give me this in this in my life I'll be able to contribute this and that but in addition I've learned to create some of the quote-unquote negative Y something I've never would have done years ago i'd say god that's being a negative person but what I mean specifically is why set goals now and only write down why I'm absolutely committed to making that goal a reality but I also now write down why am I going to get this and I do it from the frame of if I don't achieve this what would it cost me and I get a list of wise of prices i have to pay not to have the goal can see what we want to do to get ourselves to succeed is linked pleasure to getting the goal and pain to not getting the goal that way our brain will be driven to use all of our resources to make it happen does that make sense to you so I know some of you may sound negative to say well what would it cost me if it didn't happen but i think if you understand how the human brain works we want to use the carrot-and-stick hayward charge we can do this with anything with ourselves and we don't like our goals we can change them at any time part of the power of goal setting is flexibility not just getting started as a years ago you set a goal reevaluating saying based on where i am and now my wife is that still the right goal for me is that the right direction I encourage people set goals no less than twice a year and i have them review their goals in detail at least once a month and review their top goals daily is that kind of consistent review that will keep you on track and produce those results that you're committed to so right now the purpose again today is to get you clear and how to unleash this power and part of that power is the power of why why do you want things on the positive and the power of being dissatisfied so here's your exercise for today and tomorrow we're gonna actually unless you into a goal-setting workshop and you law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want might want to review listen escape again so you're inspired when you go to do that exercise because i want you to really come to life and know you're about to create real results when you start that workshop today they'll pull out your success journal and here's your assignment what I'd like you to do is I want you to write down two things number one what are some of the areas of your life you are dissatisfied with now I don't want you to feel bad real negative about it but just be honest with yourself what are some of the areas of your life that are not enough it's not good enough it's not what you deserve to be it's not where you committed having a baby take a look at yourself physically emotionally spiritually intellectually financially in your relationships so the question I want to ask yourself is what's not good in my life what am I not satisfied with and inspired to write it down because whatever you write down you're going to be able to change and that's number one make a good list of things you're dissatisfied with that will create some pressure inside of you to create some powerful new gold and number to write down what kind of believes what i have to have won a couple of additional police since we've talked about that earlier one or two or three other beliefs but i would probably need to have in order really set goals and achieve them for 23 new beliefs i need to live by in order to really start achieving my goals that's your simple assignment for today just leave today with a focus on getting big enough wise the power of why is the power to achieve your dreams law of attraction the power of goal setting to attract what you want.

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