YouTube Affiliate Marketing – How to get started with Tips!


– Hello, it's Alex here.

Right today I wanna talk about affiliate marketing on YouTube.

It's something that I do quite a lot of, I've found it quite lucrative.

So I wanted to share with you some ideas on that and how you can use it to make some money.

Okay so before we go intoaffiliate marketing on YouTube, let's just be clear whataffiliate marketing actually is.

Affiliate marketing is when you send a customer to a shopor a merchant or whatever, someone selling something and then that customer buys something and then you receive a commission.

Now the way the merchant knows that the new customer came from you is a variety of different methods.

It could be from a link, aspecial link that you generate which has some tracking stuff on it so that that person is then tracked.

The second way is by using a voucher code so you generate a voucher code in your affiliate marketing dashboard for whichever shop orvendor you're promoting and then you share thatvoucher code with people.

And then when they use it,again you earn commission.

I will just stress that some merchants and vendors and shops don't offer the kind of voucher code system so you need to be aware of that when you're signing up topromote their products.

Where does YouTube come into it? Well, YouTube is agreat way to get started in affiliate marketing because you don't need a website orany of that sort of stuff.

You can just get onthere, create a channel and start uploading videos.

And before you know it,you'll be getting some views and subscribers andhopefully some commissions.

I've been making YouTubevideos for quite some time now.

A lot of them areaffiliate based in terms of I promote products within them.

Using this kind of experience, I've been able to see what sort of videos in terms of the content I create which ones generate the best sales and the best revenue.

You're probably thinkingthat all sounds great.

I'd love to be an affiliate but what sort of videos can I create? What sort of channel can I create? Well let me give you a couple of ideas.

First thing you want to remember when you're creatingcontent that's gonna promote affiliate products is that you wanna offer some real good value within your content.

So what do I mean by value? Basically I'm talking about giving away some real good quality information which involves talkingabout a particular product.

A good example of this isby doing a product review.

I notice a lot of tech bloggersand channels they do this.

So they get a product and theygive it a good run through in terms of testing it out.

All that sort of stuffand really give some great information to people who are probably just about tobuy that certain product.

The great thing about the reviews is that generally people whoare searching for reviews are in the market to buy that product.

So if I do a search for a new camera lens it pretty means that I'm gonna buy a camera lens pretty soon.

And obviously if you canget your link or coupon code to that person just before they buy, then you're gonna get thecommission for that sale.

So when it comes to reviews, you wanna try and dosomething that you're into.

Maybe you're a photographer and you got loads of cool camera kits, you could obviously review that down.

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Maybe you're a gamer and youcould review video games.

Maybe you're into other tech, computers that kinda stuff, all the accessories around that.

Obviously gives you some greatscope there for some reviews.

Now creating reviews isn't for everyone.

Obviously in order to do reviews, you do need some products to review and maybe you don't havesome expensive camera kit or tech or whatever that you wanna review.

So that leads me nicely ontomy second option which is to create some tutorials.

Now the bulk of my affiliatemoney does come from tutorials.

You may be aware I've got another channel.

It's called WPEagleand on there I do laser tutorials about creating websites and that sort of related stuff.

So here the affiliate productsthey're kinda stealth.

They're kinda below the radar because the tutorial is the main feature.

The information I'm givingin terms of step by step whatever how to create a website, along those lines.

But obviously within there, tobe able to create a website, you do need to buy some products like website hosting, domain name, maybe some additional software, etc.

In order to create your website.

The great thing about doing a tutorial is that in order for people to create whatever you're showingthem in the tutorial, they're probably gonnaneed to buy the products.

If they come tutorial becausethey wanna do something and it's like hey great, thisguy's telling me how to do it and then there's product in there, they're more likely gonna buy them.

Especially in order to followthe tutorial, they need them.

So I found it's a really good way of generating somereally good commissions.

Now of course you can dotutorials on anything.

I do them around websites, but you might do them on painting or photography again, or graphic design, I don't know, the list in endless.

Whatever you're good at.

Maybe learn to play thepiano, guitar, whatever.

Within that tutorial,there's probably gonna be some products that you could recommend or that are essential in orderto complete that tutorial.

Hopefully that will give you some ideas in terms of the sort ofcontent that you can create in order to kinda getaffiliate products within that as part of an overallpiece of valuable content that your subscribers are gonna enjoy.

That's the end of this video.

I hope you found it useful.

If you've got any questions or comments please leave them below.

I'd love to hear what ideas you have in terms of creating someaffiliate income on YouTube.

Hopefully I've sparkedsomething that you can use.

Please like the videoif you found it useful and do subscribe for more.

I'll see ya later.

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